Membership Area

I can create a members only area on your website, that requires a subscription to access it’s content. I can add all your content (blog posts / videos / programmes), different levels of memberships, freedom to add and manage members, online payments on monthly or yearly basis, discount codes to encourage sales. You can attract new customers through free limited time trials. 

Membership website will save you a ton of admin work, it processes and updates information, while you can focus on tasks like creating content for your members and running events. Also, building a community online helps you to create an atmosphere of camaraderie in your niche.

I can add the following to your membership page:

  • User Registration and Member Profiles
  • Membership Levels
  • Contact database
  • Automatic email invoices, event reminders, renewal reminders, and overdue payments warnings
  • Automated emails and newsletters to different groups of members
  • Content Restriction
  • Payment Options

Check out this sample membership account which I can build for you.


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