Video/Image Gallery

I can create a website to showcase your art / photography / videography. You are completely in control of your website layout and design. We can carefully choose your images, paying close attention to colour scheme and user friendliness. I can add shop functionality to increase customer reach, add a blog page where you can share your latest posts and biography page where customers can find out more about you.  We can also add contact page for easy accessibility. 

As an artist you may think that to showcase your art website is not needed, customers can just go to your Instagram feed. However, on a social media site, you’re just one of many accounts that someone follows. And it’s an ever changing feed. Website, however, is a great place to sell your work and to let people know about other endeavours, such as online courses, etc. In addition, the one thing you can do with a website that you can’t do with a social media site is that you can make it possible for someone to give you their email address, to give you permission to contact them in a format that they’ll actually see. There are lots of statistics out there to show businesses that email is much more effective than social media.

I can add the following to your Video/Imagery page:

  • Social Media Integration
  • Payment option
  • Right hosting for fast loading
  • Mailing list to update your subscribers with your newest art
  • Responsiveness across all devices
  • Regular updates when required
  • Membership area
  • Contact form

Check out this sample page which I can build for you.


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