I can create an online course with your provided materials. It can be laid out in a way that you drip feed the content, give your students access to the whole course right away, require to pass previous lesson before moving onto the next, etc. You can have a high number of students and courses running at the same time. We can create a profile for each student when they sign up and have a chat room to share the experience. 

Website with online courses saves a ton of time once the material is ready. Your students can learn at the time that is convenient to them, whilst you can spend your time gaining more knowledge and earning money. It also helps to build a community of like minded people interested in the same subject.

Benefits of having an online course:

  • Passive income, once the course material is done
  • About Me page so students can get to know you
  • 1:1 Bookings
  • Create a community
  • Automated emails and newsletters to potential students
  • Content restriction
  • Different payment options

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