Online Shop

I can create an online shop which is customised to your business and your branding. I can add physical and downloadable products to the store, set up sale prices, coupon codes and affiliate links to encourage sales. You can attract new customers to your store through banner ads on the site, and increase sales by adding bundles of products.

The cost of selling your products on your own self hosted website is just 2.9% + 25c of each transaction, compared with Shopify starting at  $29 per month + 2.9%+30c for each transaction or  Etsy  4% + 30c for each transaction . You will also have complete ownership and control over how your products are presented on your site, and there won’t be a limit on how many products you can add.

I can add the following to your online store:

  • Affiliate links for influencers to promote you
  • Coupon codes for occasions (black Friday, etc.)
  • Automated sales for specific times of year
  • Product bundles
  • Digital downloadable products (eBooks / images / media)
  • Physical, shipped products
  • Personal branding to customise the store

Check out this sample store which I can build for you.

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