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Hey! My name is Ieva [yeh-va]

I am working on my goal to become a full-time freelancer! I love getting to know new people and learning about their stories and drive. Through this platform I hope to meet and work with you, grow your online presence and help you achieve your vision! Get in touch and after understanding your requirements I can determine the right tools and development methods for you. We can create a website, that has a sleek and user-friendly design, any functionality you may require such as custom online store, which will save you a ton of cash on fees in comparison to Etsy or Shopify, booking forms & pages, which will result in more bookings as let’s be honest we all prefer a few clicks of a button, rather than that awkward phone call, membership areas that will save you a ton of admin time. If I haven’t convinced you yet, check out my PORTFOLIO for more features we can add to your website to build and grow your brand or business 😉
As my “day time” job is in Research and Development, I enjoy working on new concepts and bringing them to life. Everything starts with an idea and it’s an exciting process to watch it grow!
I am bringing my creativity, ability to solve problems, and perfectionist approach to every website I build. If I got your attention and you’re interested in working with me or have any queries, let’s have a chat and work on bringing your ideas to life!

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Few random facts

Random Fact #1

I was born in Lithuania, lived in Ireland for more than half of my life and currently live and work in the Netherlands.

Random Fact #2

I live with a struggle of a short person, constantly trying to reach things out of my reach..

Random Fact #3

Since I’ve moved to the land of bikes I have a new found love for cycling and I have gained amazing umbrella-holding super-power when it rains

Random Fact #4

I have competed at two NBFI competitions, but figured out that my love for food is stronger than my love for abs

One of my favourite qoutes: “It’s the possibility of having dream come true that makes life interesting”Paulo Coelho

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