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About me

about me

Behind the Scenes

Hey! My name is Ieva [yeh-va]

I am working on my goal to become a full-time freelancer! I love getting to know new people and learning about their stories and drive. Through this platform I hope to meet and work with you, grow your online presence and help you achieve your vision! Get in touch and after understanding your requirements I can determine the right tools and development methods for you. We can create a website, that has a sleek and user-friendly design, any functionality you may require such as custom online store, which will save you a ton of cash on fees in comparison to Etsy or Shopify, booking forms & pages, which will result in more bookings as let’s be honest we all prefer a few clicks of a button, rather than that awkward phone call, membership areas that will save you a ton of admin time. If I haven’t convinced you yet, check out my PORTFOLIO for more features we can add to your website to build and grow your brand or business 😉
As my “day time” job is in Research and Development, I enjoy working on new concepts and bringing them to life. Everything starts with an idea and it’s an exciting process to watch it grow!
I am bringing my creativity, ability to solve problems, and perfectionist approach to every website I build. If I got your attention and you’re interested in working with me or have any queries, let’s have a chat and work on bringing your ideas to life!

Work Process



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I will design your website…
Check out my Portfolio



I will add functionality to your website…
Check out my Portfolio



I will test your website…



Your website is live!



I will help you keep your website live and functioning.

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Few random facts

Random Fact #1

I was born in Lithuania, lived in Ireland for more than half of my life and currently live and work in the Netherlands.

Random Fact #2

I live with a struggle of a short person, constantly trying to reach things out of my reach..

Random Fact #3

Since I’ve moved to the land of bikes I have a new found love for cycling and I have gained amazing umbrella-holding super-power when it rains

Random Fact #4

I have competed at two NBFI competitions, but figured out that my love for food is stronger than my love for abs

One of my favourite qoutes: “It’s the possibility of having dream come true that makes life interesting”Paulo Coelho

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How can I help?


I take ideas and concepts we agreed on and design your website, keeping it fresh and user-friendly, paying close attention to detail, color scheme and layout. If you already have a website and simply want to give it a fresh look, I can help with that too!

Hosting and domain

I can acquire your Domain and Hosting and advise you on best options available for your needs.

Web Development

This is the stage where I add functionality to your website and make sure you have everything you need for it to run smoothly.

Responsive websites

Every websites has two primary goals: firstly it needs to work across all devices and secondly it has to be as fast as possible. I build websites with these goals in mind.

Calendar/Booking forms

I can create user friendly booking forms and calendars that will amplify customer interaction.

eCommerce store

An eCommerce is a feature filled, customised online store-front and shopping cart that will be directly integrated into your website.

Website Security

Without proper attention to website security your website can be exploited, taken offline and your online presence can be impacted. Let’s take care of the details that keep your website safe!

Website Maintenance

Once your website is live I will teach you how to keep it functioning, add products ect. or if you would like my help along the way we will agree on maintenance terms.

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create an online course

Custom Store

create your online store

Social Media Integration

reach a wider audience

Membership Area

content for members

Video/Image Gallery

showcase your art


create a website for your service

Contact Forms

channel of communication


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Have a question? Want to work with me? Or just to say something nice?
Drop me a line and I will get back to you ASAP 😉

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